Page Crawler


Our in-house built crawler measures the on-page SEO performance of a page. It fetches the url several times in order to run some tests, the results from which are displayed in a complete report on the left side of the page. We are testing the following things:

  • Server Response Time
  • HTTP (SSL) Availability
  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Canonical Tag
  • Open Graph Data
  • Twitter Cards Data
  • Heading Titles

This a reporting tool

The report here shows you potential problems with the content and the design on the pages. Most of these things cannot be fixed with the module alone, since there are changes, which shuold be done directly in the template or content (titles, descriptions and other texts) on the given page. Under each point of the report you will see what are our recommendations and if your page is fulfilling them.

We are open to your feedback

We will appreciate any feedback you would like to give us about the crawler. If you have suggestions on the testing tool or our recommended best practices, please post them here.