Image Names

NoteMake sure to backup your database and image folder before using this feature.

How are the image names created?

We use the words from the product name and the model number in order to create relative image names. However, if you wish to change the parameters, you can do that from the "Advanced options" under the blue big button.


What does "Errors" mean in the report?

There has been an error during the renaming process. Permission issues in the server are the most common cause, preventing the script from renaming the images.

To resolve this, you have to make sure that the PHP user on the server has correct READ/WRITE permissions for the image folder in your store. If you are not sure about that, contact your hosting provider.

Clear your OpenCart image cache!

Sometimes OpenCart may continue to cache old filenames. To resolve that, you have to clear the folder system/storage/cache. Also, if you are using CDN services, such as CloudFlare, make sure to clear image/cache as well, so the new images can be cached.