System Cache

The OpenCart system cache is a standard part in all OpenCart installations. It is typically used to save results from heavier database queries. It is also used by many third-party modules to cache different types of content. This section of NitroPack allows you to control the expiration time for the OpenCart system cache.

OpenCart system cache typically saves the cached content in the following directories:

  • system/cache/ - For OpenCart 1.x to

  • system/storage/cache/ - For OpenCart and newer

Your PHP user needs to have write permissions for this directory.

The following settings are available:


1. OpenCart Cache Status (Enabled / Disabled) - Use this to control whether the expiration override is enabled or disabled.

2. Expire Time (Integer value, representing the cache expiration time in seconds) - If a cache file is older than the time set here, it will be re-cached automatically. Default value: 3600

3. Cache Directory - Click on this to reveal the full system path to your OpenCart system cache. It is hidden by default because it contains your server username.

4. Delete cache - A button that allows you to delete OpenCart's system cache files only, without affecting NitrPack's other caches. Your PHP user needs write permissions to the system cache directory in order to delete the cache files.