Before You Begin

Make sure that you follow these recommended steps:

If your OpenCart is not a fresh installation, it is recommended to do a full backup of your files and database.

NoteMost hosting providers have a built-in website backup option, which can be accessed from your cPanel. For more information on how to create a backup of your files and database, please contact your web hosting provider.

If you are running OpenCart 1.5.x, make sure you have vQmod installed and working. If you are using OpenCart 2.x, you can skip this step.

NotevQmod is a third-party extension, which is required by NitroPack. The extension can be downloaded from here  

Make sure you download and install the latest release of vQmod for OpenCart.

Make sure that your PHP user will have write permissions in your OpenCart directory. NitroPack needs to have write permissions to the .htaccess file and the following directories:

  • assets/css/
  • assets/js/
  • system/nitro/temp/
  • system/nitro/cache/
  • system/nitro/data/
  • system/nitro/lib/NitroSmush/