This tab contains the following general settings for NitroPack:

  1. Extension Status (Enabled / Disabled) - Used as a general ON/OFF switch for all NitroPack features.

    NoteIn NitroPack 1.x this option will also Enable / Disable NitroPack's vQmod files in the vqmod/xml/ directory.

  2. Recommended settings - By clicking this button, a preset with the recommended settings will be automatically applied. This is a good starting point, so it is best to use it right after you install NitroPack.

    NoteThis will overwrite your current settings, so if you have set custom ignored URLs, supported cookies, browser cache settings, image dimension overrides, excluded routes, excluded CSS/JS or CDN settings we suggest you save these settings somewhere in case you need them in the future.

    Pro TipIf you want to make a complete backup of your current NitroPack settings, just log into your FTP server and save the file system/nitro/data/persistence.tpl to a safe location. Then if you find the need to restore the settings from the saved backup, just upload the saved copy, go to NitroPack's control panel and hit the Save changes button.

  3. Google PageSpeed API Key (Text value, obtained from Google API Console) - The API key, which is used to get information from Google PageSpeed Insights. For more information please read the Google PageSpeed Insights section.

  4. System information - Used to view general system information. Helpful if you need further information about your server. Useful for debugging purposes.

    NoteIt is okay if some server modules are listed as not available. This is just a system report mainly used by our support staff, which we use to get an overview of the environment in which NitroPack is running.

  5. Google PageScore Debug - Used to review the raw response from the call to Google PageSpeed Insights. Useful for debugging purposes.

  6. Manage NitroPack modules (only in NitroPack 1.x) - Enable / Disable NitroPack vQmod files.

  7. Disable NitroPack for specific pages - Used to exclude specific URL's from the NitroPack page cache. Wildcard * is available. Use only the part of the URL after the domain. Each page should be on a separate line.


    Suppose that you have the following 4 category links which are pointing to categories of Apple and Samsung smartphones and laptops:

  8. OpenCart product count fix (only in NitroPack 1.x; Enabled / Disabled) - OpenCart has a setting to speed up your website by hiding the display of the product count in the category names. There is a bug in this functionality, which prohibits your site from speeding up and this option fixes the bug.

  9. Serve jQuery from Google? (Enabled / Disabled) - If you enable this option, jQuery will be served from Google's CDN servers. This will save one HTTP request to your server and may help deliver jQuery faster.