Image Cache

This panel relates to your OpenCart image cache functionality. It gives you options to control the quality of the created cache images, configure dimension overrides and delete the image cache files. The images are stored in the image cache directory and are created on-the-fly. This means that if you clear your cache now, it will be re-populated automatically while the users are browsing your site.

OpenCart's image cache typically saves the cached content in the following directory:


Your PHP user needs to have write permissions to this directory.

This panel provides the following settings:

  1. Override JPEG Quality (Yes / No) - Enable this if you need to override the quality with which your OpenCart will resize JPEG images. Disable it if you wish to leave the default OpenCart behavior

  2. JPEG Quality (Integer value from 1 to 100) - Your JPEG cache images will be created with this quality

  3. Image Cache Directory - Click on this to reveal the full system path to your OpenCart image cache. It is hidden by default because it contains your server username.

  4. Delete cache - A button that allows you to delete OpenCart's image cache files only, without affecting NitroPack's other caches. Your PHP user needs write permissions to the image cache directory in order to delete the cache files.

  5. Image Dimensions Override - This section allows you to override the image dimensions based on the client's device type (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) for the 3 main page types - Home page, Category pages, Product pages. Click here for more information how on how to use this feature.