User Interface: Settings

This tab allows you to fine-tune the behavior of the Mastercard Payment Gateway Services extension. It holds the following options:

General Settings

  • Merchant ID: Your unique Merchant ID. You receive this after you register as a merchant in Mastercard. If you want to enable test mode, prepend TEST in front of the merchant name. Example: TESTMERCHANTID
  • Integration Password: Get your integration password from Mastercard Merchant Administration > Admin > Integration Settings. You need this to link the extension with Mastercard.
  • Webhook Notification Secret: This is necessary if you want your store to receive data from Mastercard. Get your notification secret from Mastercard Merchant Administration > Admin > Webhook Notifications.
  • Display Name: This text is the name of the payment method your customers will see during checkout. Default: Mastercard Payment Gateway Services.
  • Tokenize Payment Details: Enabling this will store a token for your customers' credit card details after they successfully complete their payment. This will allow them to complete their next purchases without getting redirected to the Mastercard Hosted Checkout page. NOTE: Tokens will be saved only for registered customers.
  • Tokenized Checkout Type: This is the type of transactions which will be done when your customers checkout with an already saved credit card token. Authorize will result in AUTHORIZE transactions which you must manually capture at a later stage. Pay will immediately collect funds from your customers.
  • Debug Logging: Use this only for debugging purposes. Enabling this will log the following to your OpenCart error log: notification data, REST API requests, REST API responses.
  • Payment Gateway: Select the payment gateway of your Merchant account. You also have the option to specify your own custom gateway.
  • Checkout Interaction: Upon checkout Hosted Payment Page will redirect your customers to the Mastercard Hosted Checkout gateway to enter their credit card data. Lightbox will keep your customers on the checkout page, and prompt them to enter their credit card data in a Lightbox popup displayed and hosted by Mastercard.
  • Google Analytics Property ID: The property ID for your shop site provided by Google Analytics in the form UA-XXXXX-Y. Provide this ID if you want to track interactions with the checkout using Google Analytics. See
  • Total: The checkout total the order must reach before this payment method becomes active.
  • Geo Zone: Specify the geo zone for which this payment method will be active.
  • Status: Enable or Disable the Mastercard Payment Gateway Services extension
  • Sort Order: The sort order of this payment extension relative to your other active payment extensions.

Transaction Statuses

Any of these statuses can be assigned to your Mastercard transactions. When a transaction for an order is received you will get an Order History entry and the status of the whole order will be updated automatically according to the value you set here:

  • Approved: Authorization: Transaction of type AUTHORIZATION or AUTHORIZATION_UPDATE is approved.
  • Approved: Capture: Transaction of type CAPTURE is approved.
  • Approved: Payment: Transaction of type PAYMENT is approved.
  • Approved: Refund: Transaction of type REFUND or REFUND_REQUEST is approved.
  • Approved: Void: Transaction of type VOID_AUTHORIZATION, VOID_CAPTURE, VOID_PAYMENT or VOID_REFUND is approved.
  • Approved: Verification: Transaction of type VERIFICATION is approved.
  • Unspecified Failure: Transaction could not be processed.
  • Declined: Transaction declined by issuer.
  • Timed Out: Response timed out.
  • Expired Card: Transaction declined due to expired card.
  • Insufficient Funds: Transaction declined due to insufficient funds.
  • Acquirer System Error: Acquirer system error occurred processing the transaction.
  • System Error: Internal system error occurred processing the transaction.
  • Not Supported: Transaction type not supported.
  • Declined Do Not Contact: Transaction declined - do not contact issuer.
  • Aborted: Transaction aborted by payer.
  • Blocked: Transaction blocked due to Risk or 3D Secure blocking rules.
  • Cancelled: Transaction cancelled by payer.
  • Deferred Transaction Received: Deferred transaction received and awaiting processing.
  • Referred: Transaction declined - refer to issuer.
  • Authentication Failed: 3D Secure authentication failed.
  • Invalid CSC: Invalid card security code.
  • Lock Failure: Order locked - another transaction is in progress for this order.
  • Submitted: Transaction submitted - response has not yet been received.
  • Not Enrolled 3D Secure: Card holder is not enrolled in 3D Secure.
  • Pending: Transaction is pending.
  • Exceeded Retry Limit: Transaction retry limit exceeded.
  • Duplicate Batch: Transaction declined due to duplicate batch.
  • Declined AVS: Transaction declined due to address verification.
  • Declined CSC: Transaction declined due to card security code.
  • Declined AVS/CSC: Transaction declined due to address verification and card security code.
  • Declined Payment Plan: Transaction declined due to payment plan.
  • Approved Pending Settlement: Transaction Approved - pending batch settlement.
  • Partially Approved: The transaction was approved for a lesser amount than requested.
  • Unknown: Response unknown.
  • Risk Assessment: Rejected: Transaction risk is high and order is automatically rejected.
  • Risk Review: Pending: Transaction risk review is pending.
  • Risk Review: Rejected: The order has been cancelled as a result of a transaction risk review, and a reversal transaction was attempted.