User Interface: Transactions

Here is how the tab Transactions looks like:


All transactions processed by your Mastercard Payment Gateway Services extension are listed here. The table holds the following columns:

  • Merchant ID: The Merchant ID with which this transaction has been made. Useful if you want to differentiate between test and non-test transactions.
  • Order ID: The Order ID of the transaction. This is a link leading to the detailed order information.
  • Type: The type of Mastercard transaction:
    • AUTHORIZATION: Authorization transactions confirm that money can be withdrawn from the card. As an administrator you must manually capture the funds to collect your money.
    • AUTHORIZATION_UPDATE: Authorization Update of a previous authorization.
    • CAPTURE: Capture of authorized transactions.
    • PAYMENT: Payment (Purchase). This is a direct purchase without going through the process Authorization - Capture.
    • REFUND: Refund of captured funds.
    • VOID_AUTHORIZATION: Voided authorization.
    • VOID_CAPTURE: Voided capture.
    • VOID_PAYMENT: Voided payment.
    • VOID_REFUND: Voided refund.
    • VERIFICATION: Verification of a previous authorization.
    • REFUND_REQUEST: Refund request for a captured transaction.
  • Amount: The amount of money in USD related to this transaction.
  • Risk: The risk score associated to this transaction. 0 means there is no risk detected.
  • IP: The IP address from which this transaction was made.
  • Date Created: Date and time when transaction was made.
  • Action: Link to view the transaction.

There is also a Refresh button at the top right allowing you to see the latest transactions.