In this chapter we will examine some ProductManager features in the admin panel.

As soon as you install ProductManager a new entry is added to your admin panel. Notice the button Catalog > Product Manager in the main menu of your OpenCart admin panel.

As soon as you access ProdcutManager, you will see the user interface.


As you will notice, the product listing of the module looks almost the same as the default one in OpenCart.

Lets go through the main features.

In the top right corner you will find three buttons.


Add New

This button will redirect you to the default OpenCart page for creating a new product.


This button will create copies of the products you have selected.

Delete all

This button will delete the products you have selected.

Toggle columns


Using this feature, you will be able to choose for yourself which columns you would like to see in the listing with your products.



With this feature, you can filter the list of products below.