Bulk Image Upload

Just as the headline says, with ProductManager you can bulk upload images for your products. You just have to follow the rules below:

  1. Choose the desired images for the selected products and name them by their product IDs. For example, if you want to upload pictures for Apple Cinema 30", Canon EOS 5D and HP LP3065 you should look up their IDs. Apple Cinema 30" is 42, Canon EOS 5D is 30 and HP LP3065 is 47. What you have to do, is rename the image for the products to 42, 30 and 47 respectively. Do not add any extra characters, just leave the IDs of the products.

  2. Archive only the images and nothing else into a .zip file. Here is an example for similar structure:
    • images.zip
      • 456.png
      • 52.jpg
      • 123.jpg
      • 7653.png
      • ....
  3. Click on the pencil icon in the Image column. A new popup will appear from which you have first choose if you want to upload a new main image for the selected products or if you are just adding new images to the products. After that you have to find your .zip file. Once you do that, click on the Upload File button. When everything is ready you will see how many products are with new images. Again, you do not have to refresh the page. Everything is instantly updated.


Here is a video demonstrating this feature