Enabling and Configuration

MaintenanceMode+ is a module that lets you put your OpenCart website in Maintenance with the addition of some customization features that you don’t have with the native platform installation.

Let’s look at the Control Panel and the rest of the Module settings and explain what the extension can do.


MaintenanceModePlus status

Enable the module status to begin working on the settings.

Send header code (503)

This option notifies search engines that your website is currently down. This is a recommended setting because it helps you avoid the negative effect on your store’s reputation if it cannot be indexed by crawler bots.

Retry-After header

You can set a date for search engine bots to know when your website is expected to be up again.

ImportantFor the maintenance mode to take effect on the front end of your website, you need to also enable Maintenance mode from your store’s System Settings (System > Settings > Edit > Server > Maintenance Mode). To view how your website looks like in Maintenance mode, view it in an Incognito window as you will not be able to see it if you are logged in as an administrator.