Module Settings Overview

Customizing Your Maintenance Page

This chapter will show you the customization settings you can tweak to make your maintenance page look good, inviting and informative enough.


About us


In this tab, you can set the contact information and physical address of your store (if any). The tab should first be enabled so that the data you enter below can become visible on the Maintenance page.



Most of the looks and appearance of your Maintenance page come from this tab. You can set the background and footer colors, and also upload an image that you can use for the background. We recommend some experimenting with the colors or using a tool that will help you pick the right combinations.

Custom CSS


For advanced users, there is a tab allowing you to add custom CSS code for more control over the appearance of your Maintenance page.



The description tab allows you to add some written content to the Maintenance page. This can be anything from a short sentence that just notifies customers that the website is down, to a paragraph or two sharing some more information on the matter, such as the reason for maintenance.



To add some branding to your Maintenance page, you can use this tab to upload your business logo and show it at the top of the page while your website is down.



Enable the social tab to add all the links to each of your social media profiles. This will let users find you easier around social platforms.

Subscription form


You can let your viewers leave you their email addresses and notify them when your web store is back online. You can modify the title and text of the form and button.



Finally, you can edit the title of the page to whatever you choose. For example, Maintenance, Down for Maintenance, Back Online Soon, etc.


If you enable the Subscription Form from the Settings and users start leaving their email addresses, this is where they will appear – Subscribers.


From this field, you can send out a mass email to all your subscribers regarding the availability of your website and notify them when the store is back online. If you think that some of the email addresses are not needed, you can simply remove them from the list.