Control Panel Overview

To begin, enable the Notification Status.

Position and Showing Method

There are multiple combinations you can make with the presentation of your notifications.

Showing Method

Choose where the notification will be shown. You can select between Homepage, All Pages (with a field to exclude specific URLs), Specific URLs, and Specific Categories.


You can choose between 11 different positions: Center, Center Left, Center Right, Top, Top Center, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom, Bottom Center, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right.

Show On

This option allows you to choose when the notification will be loaded: Window Load Event, Page Load Event, or Body Click Event. control_panel1


Scrolling down, you will notice the settings that account for the timing of your notification.

These fields will allow you to tweak when the notification will appear, how long it will stay, or set a specific time period to show it.


This setting determines whether the notification will be shown always, only once per user session, or shown again after X number of days. If you select to show again after X days, a new field will appear which lets you set the number of days.

Hours Interval

Enabling this option will open two new fields with Start time and End time. You will be able to set the specific time period during which the notification will be shown. It will not appear outside the time period you have set.


How long after loading the page will the notification be shown.


Set a timeout if you want the notification to disappear automatically. If you don’t want it to disappear, leave this field at 0.


Notification Color

In this chapter, we will cover some of the basic appearance settings for your notification. This will include the color of the notification and the icons that you can add to the content.



You can leave this option to the default setting, which is a neutral black/white. However, the options allow you to choose between Default Green, Default Orange, Default Yellow, Default Red, as well as Lime Green, Light Green, Light Yellow, Orange and Dark Orange.

ImportantOur advice is to try out all the colors to make sure you choose the one that fits your store’s design and color scheme.

Show Icon

If you enable this option, two additional fields will appear - Type of icon and Icon.


Type of Icon

This field gives you two options – Use predefined vector image or Use custom image. If you choose the predefined vector image, your notification will look like this:


If you prefer to use a custom image, another field will appear to let you upload it.



SmartNotification comes with an archive of icons that you can choose from the control panel.

Click on the archive to see the dropdown menu and choose the icon that fits you best:


ImportantThe option to add different icons will help you create more distinctive notifications that will use visual content to help users understand the message better and faster.

Customizing SmartNotifications

The settings in this chapter will enable you to customize how the notifications are introduced to users, and how they disappear.

You will also find out how to set a random value if you want random numbers in the notifications.

Finally, you will learn how to set specific customer groups that will see the notifications.

Open/Close Animation

These two fields allow you to choose the opening and closing animation of the notification. There are a wide number of choices and the main ones include Bounce, Fade, Rotate and Zoom.

Random Value

If you want the notification to show a random number every time it appears, this field enables you to define the range of numbers that will appear. To include the number in the notification, type %random_value% into the description.

Customer Groups

Certain notifications may only be applicable for specific user groups. This option allows you to target SmartNotifications directly at the customers you want to see them and exclude the others.


Notification Content

This is the final chapter where you will learn how to define the message of your notifications.

Multi-Lingual Settings

You can use your preferred language when creating the title and description for your notification.


After you have created the text for your title and description, the Preview button allows you to see how the notification will look without having to leave the Control Panel and check in the front-end of your store.