Module Settings Overview

PreviousNextProduct has a few settings you can adjust to match your expectations for its layout and design.


Sort by


The sorting option lets you set how the products will be arranged. For instance, if you set the Sort by field to Price (Low > High), every time you click Next Product, it will be a product with a higher price and vice versa.

Use this setting to define how you want customers to view your products while switching from previous to next.



The setting for Position allows you to change the location of the Previous and Next buttons. They appear above the product images and can be aligned to Left, Center or Right.



You can choose between three default designs for the Previous and Next buttons – Standard, Silver, or No Design. Select the one you think fits your store design best.

Display Images


The option to display images lets you choose whether you want the product image to appear when a customer hovers over the Previous or Next button.

When this option is enabled, the the image shown on hover in the front end will look like this:

Custom CSS


The default button designs are native for PreviousNextProduct. If you want to change the design of the Previous and Next buttons, you can use this field to enter your custom CSS.

You will also be able to change the look of the containers that hold the product name and image that appear when you hover over one of the buttons.