Control Panel Overview

To begin configuring the module, you have to start from the persist methods. They are used to configure the way for the module to recognize and recover the cart of your store’s visitor.

Persist Methods

You have three methods available – Browser cookies, IP address, and Browser cookies & IP address.


How to choose a method? Here is what each of them does:

Browser cookies – this method stores a cookie in the visitor's browser to recognize their cart when they come back to your website.

IP address – this method uses the IP address of your visitor to recognize and recover their shopping cart.

Browser cookies & IP address – both cookies and IP address are used to recognize and recover the visitor's shopping cart.

Persist Validity

The last field is used to set the number of days that the module will keep the products in the shopping cart of your users.

The only thing you have to do here is type the number of days you want PersistentCart to set for the persist validity.

The default is set to 35 days.