Enabling and Configuration

This action will enable all of the settings you have available for customizing iBlog.

How does iBlog work?

If you have followed the steps so far, you have probably noticed that when you went to Extensions > Modules, there were three different iBlogs in your Module List. iBlog, iBlog Category Widget, and iBlog Widget. So, what is each of these?

You can think of iBlog as your blog "manager". For the better part of itself, this is the back-end part of the module and is the thing you will use to create/edit/delete both blog posts and blog categories. In-depth on that in chapter 4.

iBlog Category Widget and iBlog Widget, on the other hand, are the panels that will appear on the front-end and will contain the blog categories and blog posts respectively. In-depth on these in chapters 6 and 7 respectively.

Control Panel


You are probably all familiar with this tab, since it is part of pretty much every OpenCart module out there. The only drop-down menu in it acts as the on/off switch for your module.