Enabling and Configuration

The FacebookLogin module principle of work is to create sub-modules, which you will later make visible on the front-end of your store. Since you may want to style and label your facebook login buttons differently for each of the layouts they will be assigned to, each sub-module can have different options.

Creating your first sub-module

First, access FacebookLogin's settings. Under the Facebook Settings tab you will find three options.


Module name: This is just for your use. It will not be shown anywhere on the front-end. You might use it as an indicator for the layout it will be assigned to.

Selector: This option contains a checkbox and a text field.

  • The checkbox determines whether the option will be taken into consideration.

NoteTo make use of the Selector option, you should have basic CSS and HTML positioning knowledge. Leave the box unchecked if you are not fluent in either of the two.

  • The text field is meant for CSS selectors to further specify the position of each sub-module on its layout.

Status: This is a drop-down menu and it will act as the on/off switch for each of your sub-modules. Set it to Enabled to activate the sub-module and reveal all its functionality and styling options.