Module Settings Overview

The AskForQuote module principle of work is to replace your Add to Cart button with Ask for Quote. This enables users to submit a request for a quote on a product they want to purchase. The price is then set with a mutual agreement.

Setting up your module

First, access the AskForQuote settings. To do this, go to Extensions > Modules, find AskForQuote and click on Edit.

Under the Control Panel tab you will find three options.


AskForQuote Status: Choose to enable or disable the module. You can switch the status while configuring the settings for your extension.

Enabled Products: This field allows you to select which products the module should be enabled for.

Enabled Categories: You can use this field to enable the module for entire categories.

- Dropdown menus: Both fields use the autocomplete input method that provides suggestions at the time of writing, so you can easily choose the products or categories you want to enable the module for.

Admin Notification by Email: You can choose whether you want to receive email notifications for every quote submitted by a user.

Custom CSS: When a user submits a quote request, they will see a popup requiring their personal information. You can use the Custom CSS field do customize the popup.

NoteTo make use of the Custom CSS option, you should have basic CSS editing knowledge. Leave the field as it is if you are not fluent in CSS.

Pending Requests

The Pending Requests tab indicates all of the quote requests that your users have made. They will be listed in a table separated by Customer Email, Customer Name, Product, Comments, Date, and Actions.


Products: Use the filter to find a specific product with a quote request.

  • Dropdown menu: Upon clicking on the empty field, your products will be listed in a drop down menu so you can quickly choose the product you want to see results for.

  • Remove all: Delete the requests for quotes your users have submitted.


The Archive tab lists all quote requests submitted by users and answered by you. These requests are finished and are kept in the archive for reference if needed.

  • Remove all: This option allows you to delete the archived requests you do not need. archive


The tab named Statistics displays a pie chart of the products that have the most requests for quotes.

Working with AskForQuote

This chapter will show you how users will interact with AskForQuote and how administrators operate with the module.

Submitting a request for a quote

When a user wants to purchase a product that has AskForQuote enabled, they will have to click on ASK FOR A QUOTE. After they do, a popup will appear to ask for their personal information and any comments they would like to add about the product's price.


When a user fills out the fields and submits a request, it will send you a notification if you have enabled them in your admin panel. The request will be under the Pending Requests tab.


When the request is submitted, you will have an option to respond or dismiss it. This is done under the Actions column.

Replying to a quote request

To respond to the request and give a quote, click on the green arrow button. This popup will appear.


When the reply is submitted, both the quote request as well as your message will be kept in the Archive tab for further reference.


The Archive tab allows you to review your quote requests and the messages that you have sent to potential customers interested in your products.