Control Panel Overview

In this section, we will describe all of the tabs in the VideoPublisher control panel.

In VideoPublisher, a Video Review basically plays the role of a normal review/testimonial just like you have in the default system. The extension gives you the possibility to add a video file to promote your products better.


When you enter the module settings in the Videos tab, you have a blue button to add a new video.

Here is how it looks:


Click the Add New button to see the review creation section.


Title: Enter the video headline.

Author: Enter the author of the video. Either your brand name, your own name, or the name of the person, agency or organization that has created the video.

Slug: Enter the SEO-friendly URL you wish the video to have. (You need to have SEO URLs enabled from the Store Settings of your setup. Check this tutorial for instructions.)

Video Image: Upload a custom thumbnail for your video, or leave the field empty for an auto-generated image taken from the video.

Video Source: Upload your video.

Review Text: Enter a description for your video.


Date: Enter the publication date of your video.

Show rating: Enable or disable the rating of the video.

Set rating: Set the desired rating.

Associate to product(s): Start typing the name of the products that you want to associate the video for. Entering a product here means that the video review will appear in the respective product page under a new tab.

Collection: Select a video Collection if you want to assign the video review to one. If not, you can leave this empty. We will explain more about the collections below.

Stores: If you are running a multistore setup, choose which stores the video should be displayed on.


A collection is a group of videos that can be named and used for assigning multiple videos to a single widget or page.


Clicking on the Add New button will let you create a new collection. The only data you need to input is your preferred Collection name.



The settings tab lets you configure all the details about VideoPublisher and your videos.


Title of the module: Enter a title for the widget that will contain your videos.

Show videos scheduled for future date: Enable or disable the displaying of scheduled videos.

Hide related vidoes after the video ends: Enable or disable related videos after the video has ended.

Autoplay videos: Enable or disable video autoplaying.

Use HTTPS: Enable or disable HTTPS. Use this option only if your OpenCart site has an SSL certificate.

Width of the colorbox popup: Configure the desired width of the popup showing your video. (If you have enabled the Display reviews in popup setting)

Review Settings


Show related reviews tab: Enable or disable the tab for showing related reviews.

Title of the related reviews tab: Enter a title for the tab with related videos.

Show related products in the reviews: Enable or disable the display of the associated products in the Reviews tab.

VideoPublisher has 2 options utilizing the configured product relations.

  • First one is that you can select whether or not to add a new tab on the product page (next to the description tab) which lists video reviews linked to the product that is currently opened.

  • The second one is the opposite. When a video review page is opened, you can select whether or not to display a list of related products below the review text.

Display reviews in popup: Enable or disable displaying videos in popups as in the example below.


Group reviews in collections: Enable or disable video grouping in your collections.

Limit showed reviews in the widgets to: Set the maximum number of video reviews to display in a single widget.

Limit showed reviews in the dedicated page to: Set the maximum number of video reviews to display in the dedicated page you can create with VideoPublisher.

Limit showed reviews in the widgets to: The maximum number of videos you want to show in the widget.

Limit showed reviews in the dedicated page to: The maximum number of videos you want to show in the dedicated page.

Facebook Settings


Show Facebook comments for the reviews: Enable or disable Facebook comments under all videos & reviews.

Facebook comments color scheme: Switch between a Light or Dark Facebook comments color scheme.

Facebook comments order: Choose between Social, Most recent first, or Oldest first.

Faceboom comments administrators: List of facebook user IDs separated by comma without spaces.

Facebook comments AppID: Facebook AppID to manage your comments. If this is present the administrators list will be ignored.

Number of Facebook comments: Maximum number of Facebook comments to show under each video review.

VideoPublisher Widget Settings

After you have configured the module settings, take a look at the module list in Extensions > Modules and find the Widget Settings.

When using the Widget to display videos on the front-end you can select which collection to show exactly.

You can create multiple widgets and assign them to the home page, or any other layout you want.


Install and click Add New to create and configure the details of your new widget.


Widget name: Create a main title for the widget that will contain your video/s.

Select video collection to display: Choose if you want to display a specific collection.

If you do not assign a collection to a widget, it will simply show the latest video reviews so you can use this if you want to have a single widget which automatically updates all videos to the newest ones you add.

Limit: Set a max number of videos you want to display in the widget.

Custom CSS: For advanced users. Enter your custom CSS code for the widget here.

Status: Enable or disable the widget status.

Important: VideoPublisher has a separate page, which users can link in their main menu or in the footer. The SEO URL for it is http://< domain >/video-reviews.