Enabling and Configuration

TwitterLogin is an OpenCart extension that allows users who have a Twitter account to log into your store with just a few clicks, skipping the regular registration process. This is a faster and secure way to let potential customers create accounts in your store.

The first step to take after you install the extension is to create a new module with a new name. This new module will appear under TwitterLogin in the module list in Extensions.

Selector - this is an optional setting for choosing the CSS selector where you want to load the TwitterLogin button.

Status - enable or disable your module.


Configuring Your Twitter App

This is where you connect your TwitterLogin module with Twitter's API. Go to the Twitter dev site, which is www.dev.twitter.com and create a new app.


Callback URL

This is the URL that has to be pasted in the field for Callback URL in your Twitter Application settings. If it doesn't work, try switching the protocol between http to https.


Twitter Consumer Key & Secret

These will be located in the Keys and Access Tokens tab in your Twitter Application settings in the developers' site.