Module Settings Overview

Customizing the Login Button Appearance

Button Preview - you can change the settings below and view how the button will look in the front end of your OpenCart website.

Button Design - choose between 3 predefined button designs that include Metro UI, Standard UI and Rounded UI.

Wrap Button into Widget - you can choose between putting your button in a separate widget or not.

Wrapper Title - choose a title for the widget.

Button Name - choose the text on the TwitterLogin button.


Custom CSS - for advanced users who have CSS knowledge, you can add custom code that will modify the TwitterLogin button and widget however you decide.


How TwitterLogin Will Interact with Users

You have the chance to add new users who logged in with Twitter into a separate customer group. This can make it easier for you when sorting customers and designing marketing campaigns.

Use OpenCart's Customer Group Settings - check the box if you prefer using the standard OpenCart settings for sorting customers. Keep it unchecked if you want to select the customer group for TwitterLogin users manually.

Assign to Customer Group - select the customer group that you want to assign users who have logged in with Twitter.


New User Required Details - select which of these fields you want customers to fill in when signing up with Twitter. You have the freedom to choose whatever type of information you prefer to have.


For example, you can only ask for the address, region / state and city of the customer, so it's as easy as possible for them to create an account.

TwitterLogin Email Notifications

When users login in with Twitter, they will receive an "Enter Email" popup as well as a confirmation email for their new account. These settings let you customize all of those notifications.

"Enter E-mail" Popup Description - whenever a user signs up with TwitterLogin, they will receive a popup with an invitation to leave their email address. Use this field to edit the text in the popup.

"Enter E-mail" Popup Submit Button Text - define the text that will be in the Submit button in the popup that invites users to leave their email address.


"Confirm E-mail" Popup Description - when a user enters their email address, they will have to click on a confirmation button. This notification comes with custom text that you can modify to your preference.


E-mail Notification Subject - this field allows you to change the subject line for the email that your customers will receive when they have to confirm that they have signed up in your website.


E-mail Notification Message - this is the message that users will see in the confirmation email. Use the field to customize it to your preference using the short codes for {LINK}, {TWITTER_ACCOUNT} and {USER_EMAIL}.