Control Panel Overview

In SuperQuickCheckout, the order placement is done manually from the admin panel. To begin, you have to review all the order requests and begin confirming or discarding orders.

New Orders – Placing and Discarding Orders

The New Orders tab is where you will see all of the orders that customers have made using SuperQuickCheckout.


Each order has its own ID, as well as the basic information from the order – Customer Phone and Email address.

The New Orders tab also shows the Product Name and the date & time the order has been placed.

From here on, you have two actions to take – Place an order or Discard.

Place an order

Clicking here will redirect you to the Add Order field in your OpenCart administration. This is where you need to manually place the order your customer has made.



This option allows you to disregard the order and delete it from the list without processing or shipping.

Fulfilled Orders

After confirming and placing the orders of your customers, you can use the Fulfilled Orders tab to track all the orders you have placed.


The customer information is the same as the previous (New Orders) tab.

The difference is in the two action you have – View order and Remove.

View Order

Clicking the View order button will take you to the order details. You can preview all the customer information, shipping and billing information as well as product and delivery information.


When you are finished with the order and you no longer need it in the list, you can remove it. This will help you keep things more organized and focus on the orders you need to track and preview after they have been confirmed.

General Settings

The Settings tab in SuperQuickCheckout is where most of the configuration is done.

This is where you configure the appearance and position of the module, as well as additional settings for the widget content, notifications, etc.


Wrap in Widget

You can choose whether you want to wrap SuperQuickCheckout in a separate widget or not. This might make it stand out a bit more (depending on your store’s design).

Additional Positioning

Define the right position for SuperQuickCheckout. This option lets you put it over or under your Add to Cart button. Try out both and decide which one fits best.


Action after Submit

Choose what happens after customers submit an order using SuperQuickCheckout. This can either be a success message or a new page.

Working Hours

Specify whether you want your working hours to determine when SuperQuickCheckout will be visible or not.


Checkout Form Design

This is the rich text editor where you can define the text in the widget of SuperQuickCheckout. Use the short codes to define the text for the phone and email fields, as well as the Submit button.


Admin Notification by Email

When you enable this option, each order made by a customer will be sent to your admin email.

Customer Notification by Email

When you enable this option, each customer will receive an email when they place an order.