Uninstallation Instructions for OpenCart 1.5.x

Before you begin We recommend you do a full backup of your OpenCart files and database, just in case.

If you correctly follow these instructions, no damage will be done to your OpenCart system.

Uninstallation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Payments and click Uninstall for the extension Square. This removes all extension settings and events, and drops the following database tables:

    Keep in mind that all information about stored transactions and saved cards will be lost.

    • squareup_ad_hoc
    • squareup_catalog
    • squareup_category_category
    • squareup_combination
    • squareup_combination_item_variation
    • squareup_customer
    • squareup_diff
    • squareup_option_modifier_list
    • squareup_option_value_modifier
    • squareup_product_item
    • squareup_product_item_image
    • squareup_product_option_modifier_list
    • squareup_product_option_value_modifier
    • squareup_refund
    • squareup_restock
    • squareup_tax_rate_tax
    • squareup_token
    • squareup_transaction
  2. Delete the files:
    • vqmod/xml/squareup.xml
    • vqmod/mods.cache
  3. Delete the Square CRON task from your CRON jobs
  4. (Optional) If you wish, you can also delete all extension-related files from your site manually. To see the files which should be deleted, you can extract the installation ZIP and inspect the directory structure of the Upload/ directory.

That's all! If you did not like the Square extension for OpenCart, we would love to hear your feedback so we can make it better. Feel free to leave your comments on sales@isenselabs.com