At some point, you may want to issue a refund to your customers. The refunds can only be performed on Captured transactions. You can access the refund window by clicking the Refund button on a transaction.


The refund can be performed in two separate ways: Refund Only Amount, Itemized Refund. The result of both approaches is that the customer will have their money refunded. The difference is that Itemized Refund will give you more control on which product is being refunded and re-stocked to your Square inventory.

Refund Only Amount

This is a basic refund flow. With it, you can only return the customer's money. This approach only requires a return reason and the refunded amount.

Itemized Refund

This is a more complex flow which requires two additional steps: per-item refund and per-item re-stock.

Itemized Refund - per-item refund

This step requires you to insert the number of items which need to be refunded. The refund amount will be calculated automatically. You also have the option to alter the final refund value.

Important The order items can be refunded only once. Example: If the order has 4 pillows, you can do a refund of 1 pillow. The next time you try to do a refund, you will be able to refund only the remaining 3 pillows.


Itemized Refund - per-item re-stock

Here is where you can re-stock items you have refunded.

  • The order items can be re-stocked only once.
  • You can re-stock at most as many items as you have refunded in the previous screen (per-item refund).
  • The re-stock will increase the product count in your Square inventory. It will also increase the product count of your OpenCart product quantity.
  • You are not allowed to re-stock ad-hoc items. Ad-hoc items are order items which do not exist in your Square inventory. This can occur if you have disabled Catalog Sync.