CRON Job Settings

To ensure the proper functioning of the Square extension, you must set up a CRON task which must be run every minute. Use only one of the methods below to set up your CRON task.

Important If you are updating from an older version, or if you are installing the newest version of the extension, please ensure to configure your CRON task to run each minute.

Method 1 - Using a CRON job

A CRON job runs periodically on your server to perform scheduled operations like recurring payments or Catalog/Inventor sync. More information on CRON jobs can be found here:

You can setup a CRON job in the admin panel of your web hosting. You will have to provide a command to be executed, which you can copy from the field Method #1 - CRON Task in the CRON Settings section of the Square extension:


Method 2 - Using a remote CRON service

A remote CRON service periodically visits a URL on your site which allows you to execute scheduled operations when you cannot setup a local CRON job. You will have to provide that service with the URL from the Method 2 - Remote CRON field in the CRON Settings section of the administaration settings of the Square extension. A security token is added to the URL to prevent unauthorized access. If you regenerate the security token using the refresh icon next to that field, make sure you save the settings before using the new URL.


Email notifications

You can enable an email notification with a summary of all payments for the day using the Send email summary dropdown in the Recurring payment settings. By default these emails will go to the OpenCart administrator email, but you can configure a different one in the Send task summary to this e-mail field.