Software Requirements

Your web server must meet the following requirements for Square to work properly:

  • OpenCart Version 1.5.x to
  • SSL Certificate enabled for the following OpenCart routes:
    • checkout/checkout
    • extension/payment/squareup/oauth_callback (for OpenCart 2.3.x+)
    • extension/payment/squareup/webhook (for OpenCart 2.3.x+)
    • payment/squareup/oauth_callback (for OpenCart 1.5.x - 2.2.x)
    • payment/squareup/webhook (for OpenCart 1.5.x - 2.2.x)
  • vQmod (only for OpenCart 1.5.x)
  • PHP 5.4+
  • CRON Jobs
  • PHP BC Math module enabled

Square Account Requirements

You will also need a Square Merchant account. If you don't already have one, you can apply here:

ImportantYour merchant account must have at least one location with enabled credit card processing. Please, refer to the Square customer support if you have any questions about how to set this up.