Module Settings Overview

Now that your module is enabled, the Settings tab is accessible and you can start modifying the functionality.


As you see, you have two menus in the Settings tab. One is for the module’s General Settings, while the other is for more precise configuration for the products that will be displayed as related on checkout.

General Settings

RelatedProductsPro lets you use the general settings to edit the dimensions and look of the module that will appear in the checkout process of your customers. Start experimenting with these settings to reach the optimal result.


Picture Width & Height

Use the fields to edit the width and height of the product pictures in the module of RelatedProductsPro.

Custom CSS

If you have CSS knowledge, use this field to customize your module.

Related Products Settings

The settings for Related Products allow you to refine the items that will appear in the customers’ checkout process.


Type of relation

You have two options to choose from here. This will define how the products will be determined as related.

Exclusive – the customers will see products that have been defined as related based on exact matches in the Related Product Pairs. This is a field you will see below these settings.

Inclusive – the customers will see products that have been defined as related based on similar matches in the Related Product Pairs, which means there could be results from two, three or more pairs.


Automatic Related Products

Enabled – If this option is enabled, RelatedProductsPro will use the default OpenCart functionality to find the related products to show.

Disabled – If you disable this option, RelatedProductsPro will display products even if the customer’s cart is empty.



Set the number of products you want the module to display as related on the checkout screen.

Related Products Pairs

This is the field where you can manually input products that you want to be displayed as related. For instance, if you put a computer mouse as one of the products, you can put a keyboard or a mousepad as the related product. You can add however many product pairs as you like.