Enabling and Configuration

What is ProductBundles?

ProductBundles is an easy-to-configure module that allows you to group products from your store in bundles and apply discounts to them. It is designed to expand your opportunities of offering bargains to your customers and thus, help your store become more lucrative.

Switching ProductBundles on

To activate the module, the first thing you need to do is go to its settings.

Next Step of the Activation

Go to Extensions > Order Totals and find ProductBundles. Install and activate the extension.

The Sort Order number should be after the Sub-Total, so the discount can be deducted. By default, a sort order of 2 or higher should do the job.

That's it! Now the customers of your store will see the discount in the shopping cart.

Accessing the module's settings

To access the module's settings, you should log in to your store's admin panel, then go to Extensions > Modules, find ProductBundles and click the blue Edit button with the pencil in it. Your module settings are divided into four tabs, one of which acts as a drop-down menu with two choices.

Alternatively, you can do that from Catalog > Product Bundles.

Control Panel Tab

This is a tab that most OpenCart extensions have. It has two fields, the first of which (ProductBundles status) is the on/off switch of your module. Make it Enabled to activate your module or Disabled if you do not want it working. More on the second field in the next chapter.

Assignment to Layouts

In order for us to finish the setup of the extension, we have to determine which pages we want to see product bundles on. You can set that to wherever you want, however, the Category and Product pages seem like the most appropriate choices. More on the extension's behavior when assigned to other layouts a bit later in the documentation.

Let's say you want bundles to be visible on the top of your Category pages and on the right of your Product pages.

Navigate to System > Design > Layouts. Click the blue Edit button with the pencil in the Category row. In the second table, click the blue Add Module button with the + in it. This should add another row to your table. In the Module column, find ProductBundles. From the Position column, choose Content Top and set the Sort Order from the last column to 0, just to make sure the panel is on top of the page. This is how the table row should look like:

Do the same for the Product layout, except for the Position column, which should be set to Column Right.

Congratulations! ProductBundles is now set and ready to be configured.