Control Panel Overview

To start using PopupWindow, access the Module Settings > Control Panel and click on Add New Popup. add_new_popup

This action will create your first popup and show you all the settings you can configure. They are separated into two tabs – Popup Settings and Appearance.

Popup Settings

Configuring popups PopupWindow is simple. Start with enabling the Popup status.

Later, if you want to stop showing a popup, but want to keep its template, simply disable its status. This will not remove any of the popup settings.

The next step is to configure the Popup showing method, or to put it simpler – set the page that will show the popup. You can choose between Homepage, Specific Pages, All URLs, or CSS Selector.

You also need to set when the popup will be shown. It can be triggered on Window Load, Page Load, Body Click, Exit Intent, or Scroll Percentage.


The next set of options let you configure more details about when and how often the popup will appear.


You can choose to show the popup Only once per user session, After X days, or Always.

Hours Interval

By enabling this option, you will see additional fields that will let you specifiy a time period during which the popup will be shown.

Date Schedule

By enabling this option, you will see additional fields that will let you specify the dates between which the popup will be shown in your store.


You can set the delay time after which the popup will appear when users enter the site.


Prevent Closing

You can choose whether the popup will be closed when users click outside it or not.

Customer Groups

PopupWindow can be used to target only specific customer groups that you can configure from this option.


Popup Content

This is the editor that allows you to create the popups. You can insert images, videos, links and edit the content with multiple formatting options.


The function Add New Popup works for creating multiple popups to edit and they can all be used in your OpenCart store simultaneously.



From the Appearance tab, you are able to set the dimensions, and enable auto resizing and aspect ratio for the popup.

The most important setting here is called Animation. It lets you determine how the popup will be introduced to your visitors: Bounce, Fade, Rotate or Zoom. Each of the animations can also be set from different angles – top, bottom, left or right.