Enabling and Configuration

What is OrderFollowUp?

OrderFollowUp is an extension that allows you to create and send follow-up e-mails to customers upon a chosen order-related circumstance. This module is rated to be vital for tightening up the relationship with old customers by offering discounts and keeping new ones interested by advertising products.

Switching OrderFollowUp on

To activate the module, the first thing you need to do is go to its settings.

To access the module's settings, you should log in to your store's admin panel, then go to Extensions > Modules, find OrderFollowUp and click the blue Edit button.


Your module settings are initially divided into 3 tabs - Control Panel, Sent Emails Log and Support.

Upon Enabling the module from the only drop-down menu field in Control Panel, another drop-down menu by the name of Keep log and a navigation bar tab labeled Add New FollowUp should appear. Click Add New FollowUp and a set of fields with a text editor at the bottom of the page will appear.

Congratulations! OrderFollowUp is now set and your first mail template is ready to be configured.