Installation Instructions for OpenCart 1.x

WarningIf your OpenCart is not a fresh installation, files and database backup is highly recommended. Make sure that you have vQmod downloaded and installed. Installation instructions here:

Important iSearchCorporate is an addition which must be uploaded over an existing iSearch 3.5 (or newer). Make sure you have an installed iSearch version 3.5+ before proceeding with the installation/upgrade of iSearchCorporate.

These installation instructions assume that you have either fresh or customized installation of OpenCart.

Step 1

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file into a new folder.

Step 2

Copy all files from /Upload folder over your current OpenCart installation preserving the directory structure.

Step 3

Login to your OpenCart admin panel and go to Extensions > Modules, find iSearch Corporate, and click the Edit link. Click on the Save Changes button.

That's it!

Upgrade Instructions

Follow the installation instructions above.

When you are done, go to the module and click Save.