Search In Language(s)

  • Single Language: Search in the current customer language.
  • All Languages: Search in all available store languages.

Instant Results

iSearch will display instant results on each keystroke. The instant results will be searched in the available Database Cache.

Standard Results

Select which search engine will be used in the standard results page. (product/search, after pressing ENTER)


Use Full-Text indexing for the Database Cache? Full-Text improves the search performance on large product bases (above 10,000 products). It has limitations - to learn more about them, click the button Show Limitations (info button at the right)

Strictness Level

  • High: Products matching the exact search phrase.
  • Moderate: Products matching all search keywords anywhere in the product.
  • Low: Products matching at least one keyword.

Default Sorting

Select how the search results will be ordered by default.


If you use singulatisation, the words will be searched for both their singular and plural form. This method takes into account the words that end in 's' and 'es'.


Exclude products meeting any of the specified criteria.

Spell Check

iSearch will convert the search keywords according to the rules you specify here. E.g. cnema => cinema. Enter as many alternatives as you need. The left side of the rule can also contain a regular expression. For example /cnem.*/i => cinema will match all search terms containing "cnem" and replace them with "cinema".

For advanced users:
You may also use regular expressions with capture groups. For example: /.*foo-(bar)/i may result to awesome $1