Module Settings Overview

iSearch is a module that gets hooked to the search bar of your OpenCart shop. It replaces the standard search and offers a more refined and customizable instant search with better performance.

Search in

This is where you select all of the parameters that you want to affect the search. In many cases, merchants typically choose fewer fields, such as only the Product Name, Model and Description so the search performs faster. However, this is a case-by-case scenario, so it always depends on the type of business.


Use Strict Search

The strict search determines whether the results will appear according to an exact match of the query, or give results for separate phrases.


Search Engine on Hitting "Enter"

You have two options that determine how the search engine works:

iSearch Engine for OpenCart: choosing this will mean that the results will be determined by the settings of iSearch.

Default OpenCart Engine: this option will make the module use the original OpenCart search settings to produce results.

DisclaimerIn case your theme is heavily modified and you have chosen iSearch Engine for OpenCart, there may be conflicts between the files of iSearch and the theme files.


Limit Results to

The maximum number of products that will appear in the search results.

Results Box Dimensions (px)

Configure the dimensions of the container where the products will appear as results from the search.

Instant Results Image Dimensions (px)

Configure the dimensions of the product images in the instant results.


Results Title Width

Configure the title width of the results, typically in Percentages (%).

Result Title Font Size (px)

Configure the title font size in Pixels (px). If you want the title to remain in the default font size of your website, leave this field empty.

Result Title Font Weight

Configure the font weight of the result title (Bold or Normal).

Show Images

Configure whether to show product images in the results container.


Show Models and Prices

Choose whether you want the search results to contain the product models and their prices.


Default Sorting of Results

This option lets you set the way how the sorting of results is performed. There are two different settings:

Full words matching: this will place results that contain the full word match at the top of the search. Example - a search for "cat" will return products like "Cute cat pillow."

Product name length: this will place results that have words containing the search phrase. Example - a search for "cat" will return phrases like "Educative" because they are shorter than other phrases.


Search Terms Suggestions Heading

Choose the text for the heading of the search term suggestions.

Number of Search Term Suggestions

Configure the maximum number of suggestions or set this to 0 to disable any search term suggestions.

Important NoteUpon hitting "Enter" in the search, all keywords are stored in the database for future searches. If you perform a search, iSearch will use that database to match previous queries.

Clear Search Term Suggestions

Use this button to delete the search term suggestions that accumulate over time due to customer activity.


Instant Results Products Heading

Configure the heading for the instant results.

More Results Title

Configure the title for the "More Results" button that appears if the number of the search results exceed the maximum results you have set for the module.

Not Found Text

Configure the text for the Not Found field.

Custom CSS

Advanced users can place place CSS for additional visual customization of iSearch. For example, colors that will complement the rest of the website design.

Important Information

Only for iSearch for OpenCart 2.x:

If you want the template of the standard results (after hitting Enter) to match your theme, please copy the following file:

/catalog/view/theme/your-theme/template/product/search.tpl to the file


Improving the Search Results

Use Singularisation

When you enable this option, search queries that were entered in plural form (e.g. computers) will automatically be turned into single form (e.g. computer).

If Strict Search is enabled, Singularisation will not be applied.

Exclude Search Terms

This option allows you to exclude certain search terms such as short words that are unnecessary for the results. For example and, or, &, etc.

Important NoteEach word should be entered on a new line.


Exclude Products that Meet the Following Criteria

Input the criteria for the products you want to be excluded from the search results.


Custom Spell Check System

Enter as many alternatives as you decide for words that might get misspelled during the search query. This is an autocorrection system that will improve the user’s search experience.