Enabling and Configuration

OpenCart 1.x

To access iProductVideo's settings, navigate to Admin > Catalog > Products > Edit Product. Go to the Data or Image tabs and scroll down to the field where you usually upload the product image. Next to it, you will see a button saying Add Video.

You will open a field where the link to the video can be entered so it appears in the storefront instead of a product image.

OpenCart 2.x

To access iProductVideo's settings, navigate to Admin > Extensions > Modules > iProductVideo.

Initially, the control panel only consists of a drop-down menu with 2 options - Enabled and Disabled. Choosing Enabled results in the appearance of the actual settings. To create a new video, click on the Add New Video button and watch as the settings for it appear. The module settings are divided in three columns, which will be explained in the Module Settings Overview section.