Module Settings Overview

After your module has been enabled, you will be able to configure your videos.

OpenCart 1.x


The only settings in OpenCart 1.x are located in the product view fields of each item. Go to Catalog > Products > Edit Product > Data tab. Scroll down to the image field and insert the link to the video you want to display on the storefront.

OpenCart 2.x


The first column from left to right is the list of all the videos you currently have plus a filter for them (explained in the next chapter). Let's take a look at the middle one:


It is the one you are going to use in order to give a link or upload a video and consists of two tabs - Internet Video and Uploaded Video.

The Internet Video tab gives you the opportunity to use a video from either YouTube or Vimeo (as of iProductVideo 3.3). Use the text area to give a link to the desired video.

The Uploaded Video tab looks like this:


Use the blue Upload Video button to provide a video directly by your computer. By default it should be up to 7.5 MB but you can use the techniques described under the 'Learn how to increase it' hyperlink to increase that.

The two options on the bottom are valid for both tabs and determine whether the video will be the Main product image. If you would like it to be an additional one, use the Video Sort Order to determine its place among the others. Mind that if the video is set to be a main image, the value of the Sort Order option is ignored.

Finally, the third column lets you determine which products to assign the video to. You can make it available for All Products by choosing it from the drop-down or list which products to assign it to. To make a list, choose The following products from the drop-down and watch as a field for text input and a window below it appear:


The text area uses the autocomplete input method, so it is enough for you to start typing the name of a product and click on its name once it appears to add it to the list.

Make the videos, assign them to the desired products and go to find them on each of the product pages they are assigned to.

Naming, Searching, Filtering and Removing Videos

To give a video a title, you can simply double-click on it in the videos list and its current title will turn into an input for text. Entering the desired title there and clicking anywhere on the page will result into changing its title.

To delete a video, you can hover on it in the videos list and click on the red minus.

In iProductVideo 4.0.2, a search/filter for the currently available videos was introduced. It is located on the top of the first column of the module's settings. Basically, these are just two fields - one to search for a video by its name and the other to filter the videos based on the products they are assigned to.


To search for a video by its name, enter some text in the upper field and click on Search. To revert the search - empty the field and click on 'Search' again.

The filter field is an autocomplete one and is a bit tricky as it does not take into consideration data that has not been input via its autocomplete method. That said, you should start typing the name of a product and once it appears in the newly appeared dropdown, you should click on it. Once you do that, click on 'Filter' and you will see all the videos assigned to the given product.

Important: Do not type the full name of the product without using the autocomplete because the filter will not work.

To revert the filter's function, simply delete everything from the field and click on 'Filter' again.