Control Panel Overview

HowDidYouHearAboutUs is a module that helps you track customer origins. It helps you gather data about how customers found your store and where they came from.

This data is helpful in optimization, marketing campaigns and customer acquisition.

This is how the control panel looks like. There are a few settings we can adjust.




The layout setting allows you to choose whether your customers will see a dropdown or checkboxes with the options you will define later.

Required field


This setting lets you configure whether the field will be mandatory for cusotmers to use upon registration or checkout.

Custom question


You can use this field to configure the question any way you want. The alternative question we entered is How did you find our store?



This checkbox will add a new option for customers to use called Other. When selected, a small text field will appear so customers can tell you exactly how they found about your store.



You can add unlimited options for customers to use. The options can include anything from word of mouth to TV/Radio advertising or any other way they can learn about your store.



When customers start using the field, you will be able to track their entries and keep statistics with the data.