Enabling and Configuration

In this tab, we will show you how to take care of the basic enabling and configuration of GoogleLogin.

What is GoogleLogin?

GoogleLogin is an OpenCart module designed to give the customers of your store the option of logging in with their Google credentials, thus saving them time on the matter of creating a specific account for your store.

Setup of GoogleLogin

In order to enable the module, you have to navigate to its settings. To do so, go to Extensions > Modules, find GoogleLogin in the module list and click the blue Edit button with the pencil in it as shown:


The page you have just entered is the one you will use to create the actual button you will assign to layouts and make visible on the front-end. Initially, it looks like that:


In the Module name field, enter the unique name of your module and click the green Save button in the top right corner. Now go back to the Module List page and find the module by the name of GoogleLogin > {ModuleName} where the text in the curly brackets is the name you have set for your module.

Access its settings like you did for GoogleLogin earlier. You will be redirected to an identical to the previous one Module Settings page. The third field there is a drop-down menu one with the options of Enabled and Disabled. In order to start configuring your module, choose Enabled and a set of fields should appear.