Enabling and Configuration

ImportantAfter you install GiftTeaser with the Extension Installer and enable it from your Module list, you will have to refresh your Modifications. After that, assign the module to a layout by going to Design > Layouts.

Hint: You can assign GiftTeaser to the Checkout and Product layouts so customers can see the proposal when they are considering a purchase or checking out.

You are now ready to start using GiftTeaser.


After you have enabled GiftTeaser, you have to enable the order total as well.

Go to Extensions > Extensions and select Order Totals from the dropdown menu. You will see a list of all the order totals.

Find the one of GiftTeaser relative to your OpenCart version, install it and then edit the settings to enable it and give it a sort order number.

To begin setting up your module, go to Main Settings and enable the GiftTeaser status.