Control Panel Overview

After you have enabled GiftTeaser, you can start using the module settings to begin customizing your gifts.

The field below allows you to change the name of the Free Gift label to anything you want.

When you are finished with the Main Settings, click Save Changes to continue with the rest of the module settings.

In the next chapter, we will show you how the Layout tab works.


The Layout tab allows you to customize the look of the module. You will also be able to define its size as well as the text that will invite customers to take advantage of the offer.


Wrap in Widget

This field allows you to decide if you want the module showing the free gift to be wrapped in its own widget or not. Selecting Yes will put a border around the gift module.

Gift Image Size

Using pixels as a measurement unit, you can set the size of the product image which will show in the GiftTeaser module. This will only affect the image, and the rest of the module elements (text, borders, etc.) will be adjusted automatically according to the size you set.

Custom CSS

Users with CSS knowledge can use this field to add their own CSS code for further module customization.



Default - the colors of the Text, Background, Border and Widget Heading Background will remain at their default setting.

Custom - additional fields will open, allowing you to modify the colors of the Text, Background, Border and Widget Heading Background. The color is defined with short codes.

Custom Design Colors


Text - this modifies the color of the text below the module heading.

Background - the module's background.

Border - if you have selected to wrap the GiftTeaser module in a widget, you can use this to modify the colors of the border.

Widget Heading Background - this goes for the background of the heading text in the module.


Show Which Products are Set as Free Gifts

If a product is set as a Free Gift, a notification message on the product page will appear. This setting can be changed with Yes or No. If set to Yes, the field below will appear.

Free Gift Message Title

This text will be set as a title of the message. The description set in the Gift Options pop up will be set as a description below this title.


Store Front Widget

This is the field where you can customize the text in the heading and body of the GiftTeaser widget. Use this field to craft an inviting message that will compel users to complete their purchase in order to get their free gift from your store.



Add New Gift

This is the field where you select the products you want to add as free gifts.

Once you click it, you will see a dropdown that shows the products you have in your OpenCart store. You can start typing to narrow down the results faster.

Gift Options


Valid from & Valid to

This is a mandatory field that must be filled. Select the dates during which the free gift will be a valid offer. If you do not set the dates, then the free gift will not appear in the front end of your store.

Sort Order

When you add multiple gift, it's better to keep them organized by assigning a sort order number to each of them.

Customer Groups

If you have separate customers assigned to separate customer groups, you can use this option to determine which customer group will see the offer with a free gift.

Customers Can Get the Gift When

Define when customers will be eligible to get the free gift. Set the conditions using the fields for the total amount needed to enable the gift, and what the total amount is based on.


Use this field to set a unique description for every gift.