FreeShippingTeaser FAQ

I installed FreeShippingTeaser but if I add a any product to cart, I see the message that the free shipping is reached. However, the price I have set is not reached at all.

Check if you have left the cart weight empty in Extensions > Shipping > FreeShippingTeaser and selected Total AND Weight in Conditions for Free Shipping.

Let's throw a bit more info here. When the cart weight is left empty, it means that the condition will be valid despite the weight of the cart. If you have set the conditions to Total OR Weight, free shipping will always be applied, because the cart weight condition will be considered true, thus the whole statement will be true.

This is why you have to make sure that the conditions is set to Total AND Weight so it works correctly.

I am running a store in more than one country. Can I use FreeShippingTeaser only for a certain country and disable it for others?

Sure. You can set the Geo Zone of the module's shipping method to be the one you want.

To achieve this you need to access Extensions > Shipping > FreeShippingTeaser > Geo Zone. The Geo Zone can be configured from System > Localisation > Geo Zones.

How can I activate the module when the total price with taxes reaches a certain amount?

First thing we need to do is go to the module control panel and under Total or Sub-Total choose Sub-Total. Once you do this the module will expand one more field called Include Taxes. You need to make sure you set this to Enabled.

Is FreeShippingTeaser multi-lingual and how can I translate it in my language?

Yes, you can translate the FreeShippingTeaser. In order to do so please follow these short instructions:

1) Access file catalog/language/english/shipping/freeshippingteaser.php and copy it.

2) Locate folder catalog/language/ANOTHER LANGUAGE/shipping/ and paste the file.

3) Open file catalog/language/ANOTHER LANGUAGE/shipping/freeshippingteaser.php or free.php and change the bolded text to the language of choice:

// Text
$_['text_title']       = 'Free Shipping';
$_['text_description'] = 'Free Shipping';

4) Save the file and check the result.

FreeShippingTeaser appears as shipping selection in the checkout page. I tried to disable by unchecking to show in "Delivery Method section in Checkout page" but it still appears.

Unchecking the checkbox Delivery Method section in Checkout page will remove only the FreeShippingTeaser notification message. The Free Shipping method will be still available. In order to disable it, you would need to disable the module shipping method configured from Extensions > Shipping > FreeShippingTeaser.