Enabling and Configuration

After successfully installing FreeShippingTeaser, you will have to enable it as a Shipping method. This must be done for the module to function.

Setup Your Shipping Method

Go to Extensions > Shipping and find FreeShippingTeaser. Click Install (just like you did when installing the module) and then Edit.


Once you enter the shipping settings for FreeShippingTeaser, you will be able to configure the specifications needed for the module to work.



The Total is the number that will determine when Free Shipping becomes an available option. For example, if the total is $100, orders exceeding that sum will be eligible for Free Shipping. Orders below that sum will receive a notification that they need $X more to be eligible for Free Shipping.

Add Tax

Enabling this option will add tax to the total depending on the products in the cart.

Cart Weight

If you include cart weight in the shipping calculation, enabling this option will add the necessary weight for which Free Shipping will be available.

Conditions for Free Shipping

If you select Total -OR- Weight, if one of the conditions is true, then Free Shipping will be applied. Note that if the cart weight is left blank, the condition will always be true. Thus, if Total -OR- Weight is chosen and the cart weight is blank, Free Shipping will always be applied. If you select Total -AND- weight, both conditions should be true in order for Free Shipping to be applied.

Geo Zone

Choose whether All geo zones will be eligible for Free Shipping or just specific ones.


Enable or disable the status of the shipping method.

Sort Order

Configure the sort order number which will arrange the shipping methods in the front end.