Enabling and Configuration

The FacebookMessage module principle of work is to create sub-modules, which you will later make visible on the front-end of your store. You can use the different modules to configure the FacebookMessage chat bubble to look differently and assign different modules to specific layouts of your OpenCart shop.

Creating your first sub-module

First, access FacebookMessage's settings. Under the Control Panel tab you will find several options.


Module name: This is the name that you will give to your module. It will not be shown anywhere on the front-end. You use this module as an indicator for the layout it will be assigned to.

Module Status: This option lets you enable or disable your FacebookMessage extension.

Mobile Devices Status: This setting lets you set whether you will display the Messenger chat bubble on mobile devices or not.

NoteIf you prefer to hide the Messenger bubble for mobile devices, set this option to Disabled. This will still display the chat on desktop.