Module Settings Overview

Sub-Module Functionality Customizations

Once you have your new module created and enabled, you can configure your Facebook details and customize your FacebookMessage chat bubble.

You can change the icon color and the greeting texts customers will see when they enter your OpenCart store.

Facebook Page ID

This field is used to get the Page ID of your Facebook business page. This is the page you want to use when chatting with your customers.


To get this number, go to your Facebook page and enter the About menu. Scroll down and you will find the Page ID there.


Copy the ID and paste it into the Facebook Page ID field in your module settings.

The next step is to enter your store domain in your Facebook page.

Whitelisted Domains

Copy your OpenCart store domain and go back to your Facebook page.

Open the Settings and then the Messenger Platform menu.


Scroll down until you find the Whitelist Domains field.


Paste your store domain in this field.

Don't forget the https:// part.

This is all you need to establish the connection needed between your OpenCart store and your Facebook business page to display the Messenger button on your store.

Button Styling Options

You can change the color of your button using the Custom color option. Just select the color and paste its code in the field.


This way you can match the button with your website theme colors.


The last two fields let you customize the texts that will greet customers and visitors when they enter your website.


When you're done, click Save!

Assignment to Layouts

Now it's time to assign the module you just created to the layout you want.

Go to Design > Layouts and hit Edit on the layout you want to display the Messenger bubble.

For example, the Home layout.

We will assign our module to Content Bottom.