Installation & Update Instructions for OpenCart 3.x

Before you begin We recommend you do a full backup of your OpenCart files and database, just in case.

Install using the OpenCart Extension Installer

  1. Unzip the downloaded ExcelPort .ZIP file into a new directory
  2. In your OpenCart admin panel go to Extensions > Extension Installer
  3. Upload the file which is in the directory you created in step 1.
  4. Go to Extensions > Modules > ExcelPort and click the Install button
  5. Go to Extensions > Modifications and click the Refresh button on the top right

Congratulations! ExcelPort is now installed.

Update Instructions

  1. Follow the installation instructions above
  2. Go to Extensions > Modules > ExcelPort > Edit and configure your settings
  3. Click Save on the top right

That's it! ExcelPort is now updated.