Vouchers: Sheet Vouchers

Before you begin

This section describes the XLSX stucture for importing vouchers.

Follow these guidelines to properly structure your voucher file. To follow along, feel free to download an example file.

  • This sheet is required for Vouchers import.
  • All columns must be present in the sequence specified below.
  • Do not change/translate the names of the columns.
  • Allowed names for this sheet: Vouchers

Structure of the sheet

Here is a list of every column in the sheet Vouchers.

To follow along, feel free to download an example file.

Column Letter Column Name Extra Info Allowed Values Required
A Voucher ID If you have an existing voucher in your store with this Voucher ID, it will be overwritten. If left empty, the voucher will be imported as a new voucher. Integer number
Minimum: -2147483647
Maximum: 2147483647
B Order ID The order to which this voucher is associated. This field is used only in case the voucher was purchased by a customer. You should leave it empty if the voucher is created by an administrator. Minimum: -2147483647
Maximum: 2147483647
C Code The code your customers enter in the shopping cart. Text
From 1 to 10 characters.
D From Name Text Yes
E From E-Mail A valid e-mail address. Yes
F To Name Text Yes
G To E-Mail A valid e-mail address. Yes
H Voucher Theme See Meta sheet, column B for allowed values. Yes
I Message Text Yes
J Amount Decimal point must be a dot, not a comma. Example: 10.99 Floating point number No
K Status Any value different than "Enabled" will disable the voucher. Enabled / Disabled No
L Date Added Example: 2017-01-31 Date
Format: yyyy-mm-dd
Note* (Conditional) fields accept empty values for the purposes of an ExcelPort import. There are cases when you might need a value for this field. More information in column Extra Info.