Vouchers: Sheet History


Using this sheet is optional. ExcelPort will work even if this sheet is missing, as long as you have a sheet for Vouchers.

Structure of the sheet

Here is a list of every column in the sheet History.

To follow along, feel free to download an example file.

Column Letter Column Name Extra Info Allowed Values Required
A Voucher ID The ID of the voucher for which this history entry applies. Integer number

See Vouchers sheet, column A for allowed values.
B Order ID The order to which this voucher is associated. This field is used only in case the voucher was purchased by a customer. You should leave it empty if the voucher is created by an administrator. Minimum: -2147483647
Maximum: 2147483647
C Amount Decimal point must be a dot, not a comma. Example: 10.99 Floating point number No
D Date Added Example: 2017-01-31 Date
Format: yyyy-mm-dd
Note* (Conditional) fields accept empty values for the purposes of an ExcelPort import. There are cases when you might need a value for this field. More information in column Extra Info.