Products in Grouped Mode: Sheet Products

Before you begin

This section describes the XLSX stucture for importing products in Grouped mode. Note that you may also use Basic mode, or Bulk mode.

Follow these guidelines to properly structure your product file. To follow along, feel free to download an example file.

  • This sheet is required for Grouped mode import.
  • Allowed names for this sheet: Product, Products
  • Maximum number of rows: 800. More info here

Spreadsheet structure

The main difference between Basic / Bulk mode and Grouped mode is that in Grouped mode all product information is managed in a single sheet.

Here is a simplified diagram of how a single product entry in Grouped mode looks like:


In a newly exported file, by default only the section MAIN INFO is visible. All other sections can be seen if you press the [+] symbol on the corresponding main row:


Click here for more information about the plus symbol and Excel groups.

The following is a detailed description of each section in the diagram above: