Products in Bulk Mode: Sheet Design

Before you begin

This section describes the XLSX stucture for importing products in Bulk mode. Note that you may also use Basic mode, or Grouped mode.

  • Using this sheet is optional. ExcelPort will work even if this sheet is missing, as long as you have a sheet for Products.
  • If this sheet is missing ExcelPort will not alter existing product designs. On the other hand, if this sheet exists and has no rows, all product designs (for products listed in the sheet Products) will be deleted!
  • All columns must be present in the order specified below.
  • Do not change/translate the names of the columns.
  • Allowed names for this sheet: Design

Structure of the sheet

Here is a list of every column in the sheet Design.

To follow along, feel free to download an example file.

Column Letter Column Name Extra Info Allowed Values Required
A Product ID The value here must correspond to column A from the Products sheet. Integer number
Minimum: -2147483647
Maximum: 2147483647
B Stores A valid name of a store. See Meta sheet, column J for allowed values. Yes
C Layout Override A valid name of a layout. See Meta sheet, column S for allowed values. No