Control Panel Overview

In the Control Panel of ComingSoon, you will only see two tabs – Settings and Subscribers.

Let’s start with the first part of the Settings tab by Enabling the module.


Allow Admin

This field allows you to enable or disable whether administrators will be able to access the store while it’s down for maintenance. This means they will see what the store currently looks like in its developing form, bypassing the Coming Soon page that visitors will see.

Heading Title

The heading title sets the headline of your Coming soon page (H1). This is the main message that newcomers will see.

Sub Title

The sub title appears below the heading title and serves as additional information about the status of your store.

Notify Text

This field can be used to invite visitors to leave their name and email address to learn more about your store, when it will launch or any other details you would like to share.

Button Text

This is the Call-to-Action button that users have to click in order to submit their name and email address.


Countdown Date

Set the date when your website will be launched and available.

Time Intervals

Set the measurement unit you want for the countdown. You can choose between conventional Days, Weeks, Months and Years, or more excentric Decades, Centuries, or Millennia.

Background Image

This will be the background image for the entire page.

Logo Image

Set the logo of your store so that visitors are sure where they are.

Text Color

This field lets you set the single text color for the entire ComingSoon page.


Social Links

Add the URLs to the social media profiles of your OpenCart store so that visitors can find you easily. The module integrates Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube.

The About page allows you to create a secondary page that will appear as a popup when opened, leaving the Coming Soon page as a background.

Link Text

The link to the About page can be customized with a message of your choice.

About Text

This is the main text that will serve as additional information about you, your store, the launch date, what customers can expect. You can use this for unique details about your story, what lead you to opening your store, or give some teasing information about future products.


The final part of the Settings tab of ComingSoon lets you include your contact information such as email address your visitors can send you emails, phone number or physical address.


The email form in your ComingSoon page will collect their emails, showing them in the Subscribers tab.

You will be able to view them by Subscriber Email, Subscriber Name, Date and have possible Action buttons.


The Export to CSV button will allow you to export your subscribers list in a CSV file.