Control Panel Overview

The CallForPrice module principle of work is to replace your "Add to Cart" button with "Call for Price." This enables users to submit a request for price updates on a product they want to purchase.

Setting Up Your Module

First, access the CallForPrice module settings. To do this, go to Extensions > Modules, find CallForPrice and click on Edit.

Control Panel

Under the Control Panel tab you will find a single option. Enable or disable the module.


Waiting List

The Waiting List tab indicates all of the price requests that your users have made. They will be listed in a table separated by Customer Name, Customer Phone, Customer Email, Product, Customer Notes, Date, and Actions.


Move to archive. This option allows you to move the request to your archive and add a note for further reference.



The Archive tab lists all quote requests submitted by users and sent there by you. These requests are finished and are kept in the archive for reference if needed. archive


The tab named Statistics displays a chart of the products that have the most requests for their price. statistics


The Settings tab opens up six fields for you to configure. settings

Show The Popup On

This allows you to choose which products or categories you want the module to be enabled for.

Admin Notification by Email

Enabling this means that you will receive email notifications whenever a new user submits a new request.

Popup Width

This can be used to configure the size of your popup using pixels.


You can define the title and message your users will see in the popup. On the left, you will see the short-codes you can use to define the text in the popup request form.

Use Google reCAPTCHA

Choose whether you want to use the Google reCAPTCHA function or not.

Custom CSS

This field offers administrators to create a custom look for their form, using different colors, margins, paddings, etc. If you use a custom OpenCart theme, you can use this field to further customize your form.

NoteTo make use of the Custom CSS option, you should have basic CSS editing knowledge. Leave the field as it is if you are not fluent in CSS.